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Parrot Guardian was officially started in the Spring of 2010, but the idea and practice had been going on for some time before that. Jackie Schaible, the president and CEO, and Rob Wethington, Vice President and Treasurer, began rescuing and rehabilitating birds as a side project to the pet store they owned and operated, Maw & Paw's Pets. They would often buy birds in bad situations with funds from their own pockets just to get the birds out of the horrible conditions of their current environments.

They would then start the long process of rehabilitating them. First thing to do, was to get the birds the proper medical care that they had been neglected. The next step consisted of reacquainting the bird with positive human interaction. Many of the birds were on very poor diets, in fact one bird in particular, Sonny, had been surviving on a diet of Honey buns and Oatmeal Cream Pies! So one of the most important processes was getting the bird converted over to a proper diet of pellets, fresh fruits and veggies.


After sufficient time and noticeable improvement on the bird's behalf, Jackie and Rob would deem it time for the bird to once again enter a pet situation. This time with a permanent loving family. One would not be actively sought, but through their pet store, they came in contact with quite a few people who would make excellent parents to the birds. However, they would not let the birds go to just anybody, just as they did with the birds for sale at the store. They put potential owners through hours, days, and even weeks of hands-on interaction, lectures, and even tests! Once all parties involved, bird included, were completely comfortable the time was right for the big move. The bird's personal cage and toys would be moved and the bird would receive one final check-up from Dr. Mitchel Spindel.

Rob and Jackie would take the funds that they had collected from the adoption process and put it back into the Rescue fund they had. Often the money they collected from the adoptions did not cover the money they had invested in the birds, so they began taking donation to help cover the additional costs. This inspired the idea of Parrot Guardian, a full-scale rescue organization with a 501(c) charter that continue their efforts in a more effective way.


Jackie and Rob sought out the help of Nell Knapp. Nell had once run a similar bird rescue and knew the ins and outs of starting and running such an organization. From there, they sought out other bird-loving friends and formed the starting Board of Directors. The Board consists of Jackie and Rob, of course, but also Dr. Mitchell Spindel, Carol Cox, Nell Knapp, Edith Widner, and Jan Smith. And so Parrot Guardian was born.

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Board of Directors

Image 1 Jackie Schiable
Image 2 Rob Wethington
Vice President/Treasurer
Image 3 Carol Cox
Advisory Board
Image 4 Nell Knapp
Non Profit Consultant